Slumber Party Hostel, Krabi: Adventure Hard, Party Harder

Ready for some wild times in the south of Thailand? Let me introduce you to the irresponsibly good time that is Slumber Party. It is a bit of a misnomer considering that there is about 0% slumber and 100% party.

It is a party hostel and I came to party so naturally, I loved it. Six nights at Slumber Party. Six nights out. If you’re looking to hang with some incredibly fun people while having some irrationally irresponsible nights, then Slumber Party is the spot for you. You will be with the type of people who are always down for a bucket at any time of the day. 9 AM or 9 PM, doesn’t matter.


Obviously, it won’t be for everybody but guests should know what they’ll be getting themselves into. A wise man once said, “if you ain’t getting drunk, get the fuck out the club.”

You tell yourself you aren’t going to drink and all of a sudden you’re out. The 5-second pin game gets everyone. For those of you who don’t know what that is, if someone sticks a clothespin anywhere on your body and you can’t find it within the 5-second countdown, you down your entire drink, whether it’s the last few drips of your beer or that completely full bucket that you literally just bought. I panic easily so as soon as that countdown starts I just give up. Every night I told myself I was going to take it easy, I got hit with the pin game.

No ragrets.

Slumber Party is also the starting point of the infamous Krabi Pub Crawl.

The craziest part of the whole pub crawl is the amount of responsibility the hostel staff takes in making sure that everyone is alive by the end of the night. Apparently, they’ve had crawls with over 200 people at some point. Whether there are 15 people or 200, I’ve seen the staff go to crazy lengths to prevent any problems. It’s pretty neat when the people pouring free shots down your throat are the same ones holding your hair back while you puke in a toilet.

The staff really does make you feel like part of their dysfunctional family. By the end of my time there, I literally felt like I worked there. New guests even asked me if I was a taxi driver because I just kept taking everyone back and forth between both hostels on my scooter. Shit, I might as well have worked there.

It is a party hostel. You will party a lot, but there is way more to Slumber Party than just Pika and Title dumping tequila down your throat. There’s also Rell humping dudes in his dinosaur outfit. That’s about it.

Nah, that’s jokes.

The balance between adventuring and partying is on point at Slumber Party. During the days, you’ve got a lot of different things you can do in or around Krabi. You’ll have the typical tourist fares like island hopping but they can also take you on more local things like kayaking through the mangroves. You’ll come back a bit tired, especially if you do their full-day Jungle Tour, but hey, nap it off. The pub crawls happen four nights a week and even on nights when they aren’t on, the party rages. You’re going to end up at Chang Bar one way or another so just accept that.

I had several wild nights in a row but never felt like I was wasting my time in Krabi. My mornings were pretty lazy but my afternoons were full of exploring. I was meeting amazing people and seeing incredible things. From Tiger Cave Temple to island hopping, my Slumber Party crew and I did it all.


Hiked over 1,200 steps with a hangover. Tell me one more time I’ve gone soft.


You know you had a damn good time when it legitimately hurts to leave a place. Friends who Slumber Party together, stay together.

Stay at Slumber Party fam. Do it for the culture.


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    1. Haha stayed there a few years ago when it was still known as Infinity Party Hostel! Crazy place.

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