Jet Journal Is A Must-Have App For Any Traveler

As much as I love winging trips and choosing my adventures on the fly, I have to admit that I waste a lot of time wondering what I should do once I actually get to my destination. It would save a lot of sitting around if I could effortlessly plan my trip ahead of time.

I recently came across an app called Jet Journal. At first glance, it looks and feels like Instagram, but I quickly discovered that it went way beyond that. Instagram is undeniably a great platform for sharing pictures and brief stories. However, for travelers, it doesn’t offer much more than that. The more I used Jet Journal, the more its functionality stood out as a useful app for travelers. It actually benefits travelers beyond just another vanity-fueled photo-sharing platform.

So, what does it do?

I started using Jet Journal just to post pictures and sort them into albums, but I keep discovering useful features that I’ve been craving from the other platforms that I use.

One thing that frustrates me about Instagram is that it is a feature or two away from being the dream app for travelers. I can’t hate Instagram for that, though, because it isn’t intended solely for travelers. Instagram and Pinterest are platforms that cater to everyone, so adding extra bells and whistles that benefit only a fraction of their userbase would be silly. That was evident when the photo maps feature was done away with on Instagram.

Jet Journal takes the parts of Instagram and Pinterest that appeal the most to travelers and then created an actionable platform. On it, you can collaborate with friends for planning trips, interact with other travelers for recommendations, and of course, share your stories and adventures.

What’s different about it?

One of my favorite features on Jet Journal is the “idea” feature. You can start a journal that you and your friends collaborate on together. For example, if the journal is a Eurotrip, you and your friends can all add Europe-related ideas to that journal. If you’re scrolling through your feed and see a cafe, a bar, a park, a museum, or whatever else and think it’s interesting enough to visit, you can add it to your journal. By the time you get to Europe, you and your friends will have a huge list of places to see and things to do. Open up the Jet Journal app and you can see where they are on a map and how close they are to you.


Once you have plenty of ideas added to your journal, your map will look something like this.


Jet Journal makes travel planning a breeze. Your dream trip might just pop up on your news feed and all you’d have to do is add that idea to your journal. You don’t have to sit around wondering what to do or arguing with your friends about where you want to eat, because hey, that cute cafe you saved on Jet Journal a few months ago happens to be only a few blocks away.

Another small feature that I think travelers will appreciate is the map showing everywhere you’ve traveled to. It’s a minor thing for most people but when Instagram removed photo maps, frequent travelers were pretty upset. I literally screenshotted every square-inch of my Insta-travel map before it went away. It’s a cool way to show everyone where you’ve gone and what you’ve experienced, and sometimes those small features mean a lot. The interactive maps are also fully functional and even provide directions for where you need to go.

Why should you download it?

Jet Journal has a lot of great uses. I’m a pretty unorganized person, so having a platform where I can organize and share my photos has been perfect. It’s a different way to document your trip. As someone who is a stickler for detail, I love being able to relive my travels in a more complete way. The one thing I think that the Jet Journal app needs right now is more users. Paris, for example, has dozens and dozens of recommendations and ideas to check out. One of my favorite cities, Bangkok, only has two. The more people that use it, the more exciting this platform will be for everyone.

A perk of becoming an early user is the opportunity for monetization. As with every new social media platform, early adopters get a headstart on followers and much-desired clout. I only have 6 followers on it at the moment, so you should download the app and follow me. This app will become a go-to resource for travelers in the future. It has the fun, interactive aspect of social media, the usefulness of TripAdvisor, and an interface that is gorgeous and easy-to-use. It has the potential to be a top all-in-one travel app.

The best part of traveling is meeting fellow travelers, sharing experiences with them, and learning from them. The Jet Journal app makes it easy to do that.

Download the Jet Journal app here. Create an account and follow me! My username is @partyingtraveler. Let’s plan a trip, eh?

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  1. Ooh this app actually sounds really cool and useful! I’m going to check it out 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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