Properly Chilled and Pampered: Finding Your Perfect Hotel

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Some readily accept what hotels have to offer. Others are more aware of options and do their best to find hotels that suit their preferences. Here’s what to look for when feeling like being properly chilled and pampered.

Raid the Mini Bar

There is plenty of tempting items in the mini fridge. Often, they have high price tags. However, some hotels do away with the pricing and allow hotel goers to raid the fridge. Seek hotels that welcome you to whatever’s available in the mini fridge. Even better, some hotels will ask you what you would like in yours.


Workout Apparel

Most don’t want to interrupt their regular diet and exercise routine when traveling. Some hotels offer perks in the form of free exercise apparel. Even if you forget your sweatshirt and shorts, your hotel can supply you with the clothes you need to get your sweat on.


Hypo-Allergenic Rooms

In worst case scenarios, travelers come home with bedbugs. In perfect hotel scenarios, rooms are hypo-allergenic, ensuring a great sleep and no issues regarding allergies to certain fabrics and materials. This perk usually comes with an added charge, yet it’s priceless to know that you’re staying in a super clean area.


Grocery Delivery

It’s best practice to gather items from a grocery store. It’s healthy and easy on the wallet. However, it’s an added chore to get to the store. A delivery service is a convenient perk supplied by top-tier hotels and chains.


Limousine Transport

Many hotels have shuttle transfer from the airport. Those who like to transport their guest in style send a limousine. It’s a bit extravagant yet who doesn’t like being pampered? If you rented a car and have your own transportation, the limo transport can come in handy if you want a ride somewhere in the evening and don’t want to deal with parking.


Pampered Bathrooms

Some hotels give you a shoddy robe and a few mini bottles of shampoo with wash essentials. When you walk in a luxury hotel bathroom, it’s like going to a spa. If you’re staying at the Protea Durban Umhlanga Ridge by Marriott, then you have access to a full spa. Find everything you need from body washes to hair curlers. All products are natural and top-of-the-line.


Mobile Phone

Imagine being given a phone with the numbers of services and important people who will accommodate you during your stay. This is a perk that luxury hotel goers enjoy. Why use your own data when the hotel will supply you with unlimited data?


Movie Library

Some guests are lucky to get a television in their hotel room. That’s untrue for luxury hotel guests who enjoy a library of complimentary movies. Usually, you can’t “binge watch” anywhere but from the comfort of your own couch. Things have changed.


Pillow Menu

Most of us blindly accept the condition and number of pillows in the hotel room. Luxury guests are presented with a pillow menu. You’ll never need to complain about too many, too fluffy, or not enough pillows. Your hotel will get it just right.

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  1. I didn’t know that getting hypo-allergenic rooms could be an added charge to your hotel stay. My husband and I have been looking for a place to stay for a vacation, and we would love to make sure we have a clean room. Thank you for all the tips!

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