A Journey Back In Time: Cuba in Pictures

The pastel colors of Havana’s iconic arches near the main plaza.
A horse drags a cart and a man through the cobblestone streets of Trinidad.
Exploring bumpy streets lined with the colored houses of Trinidad.
A small park within the main area of Old Trinidad.
Blue skies and bold colors in Trinidad.
Unbelievably blue water in Varadero where we floated around on a catamaran for a little bit.
Watching the sunset in Varadero after being stranded an extra day due to transportation issues caused by ignorant optimism.
Exploring some waterfalls in the area close to Trinidad.
Aside from a few rooftop restaurants, this is the highest viewpoint you’re going to get within Trinidad.
Catching the sunset from Trinidad’s church tower.
The streets of Old Havana lined with some dilapidated buildings in disrepair.
Old Havana is definitely a tale of two cities.
Some areas look brand new and are extremely clean.
But there a lot of other areas in Havana aside from just Old Havana.
There’s a lot to do besides just taking in the sights. Museums, art galleries, and famous hotels are some of the popular activities in Havana.
The sleek classic cars of Cuba often are a sharp contrast to their surroundings, which are much less sleek.
Regardless, every area of Havana has a life of its own.
Sometimes the city feels like it is straight out of a movie set.
…and sometimes not.
But the subtle chaos of the city provides a lot of excitement for any traveler.
You could be walking down a busy street filled with tourists and then find yourself alone just a few seconds later.
Thankfully, you’re never too far from an extremely photogenic car.
Although these are two of Havana’s most iconic buildings, we didn’t actually stumble upon them until our last couple days in Havana. Not having Internet meant we had no idea what we were even supposed to do in Havana.
We just walked around the entire time, finding cool little gems like this and that was fine with us.

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