The Cube Hostel: An Ideal Escape From The Chaos of Bangkok

I had to return to Bangkok a fourth time thanks to running out of pages in my passport. My meeting with the U.S. Embassy was in the early morning, so I decided to book a quiet, classy looking hostel within walking distance.

I chose The Cube, a boutique hostel aiming for a Japanese sleeping capsule feel. It’s location was nice and its price tag wasn’t too bad.

I didn’t expect to stay there for almost two weeks.

My previous three times in Bangkok, I had stayed near the popular backpacker commune of Khaosan Road. I didn’t realize how much more Bangkok had to offer until I strayed further and further away from the masses of backpackers and British lads on tour.

Walking out of The Cube on a weekday morning opened my eyes to a whole new Bangkok. The Cube is situated in Silom, Bangkok’s business and financial center, comparable to Wall Street in New York. Tall skyscrapers, shiny buildings, subways and sky trains, and hordes of businessmen in suits made me question where I actually was.

The laid-back vibe of The Cube felt like a good spot to recover for a few days after partying hard on the islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, but it was the location that kept me there for almost two weeks.

With a BTS station and an MRT station within five minutes walking distance, the entirety of Bangkok is suddenly opened up. When you’re staying on Khaosan Road, you are restricted to only the attractions in that area unless you are willing to take taxis everywhere and spend most of your day in traffic.

It only took me a few minutes to figure out how to take advantage of Bangkok’s public transportation system, and within a few days, I had seen ten times more of Bangkok than the previous three visits combined.

My name suggests that I am all about having a good time, but as a digital nomad, I also need time to buckle down and work. There was absolutely no work done on the party islands of Thailand, so finding a quality workspace in The Cube was perfect.

The common area is relaxed and quiet, with most guests of the hostel also being working travelers or businessmen. There is even a garden where you can surround yourself in greenery and nature for an escape from the chaos of Bangkok and the tall skyscrapers of Silom. You won’t even feel like you’re still in Bangkok while you’re lounging around in the peaceful garden.

Speaking of peaceful, it is also mere minutes away from Lumphini Park, Bangkok’s largest and most popular park.

After over a year of backpacking, Bangkok started feeling like home and I started feeling like a real human being again. The chill vibes of The Cube and slow pace of traveling that I adopted towards the end of my trip accelerated my much-needed recovery.

At a per-night price tag that was equal to or even less than the cheap, trashy hostels that I stayed at on Khaosan, The Cube honestly can not be beat. The location offers some amazing nightlife, from classy to trashy. If you’re still looking for a fun party, Patpong Road is within walking distance, as are other popular nightlife districts and streets. More upscale nightlife lines the road of Sukhumvit, just a few MRT stops or a brief taxi ride away.

It was hard leaving The Cube after settling down there for over ten days, by far the longest I had ever stayed at a single hostel. I highly recommend staying there for any traveler looking to experience the chaos of Bangkok in its entirety, while having a safe haven to escape to after a busy day of exploring or a crazy night out.



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