How I Lost 10 Pounds In A Week: The Cambodian River Water Diet

Okay, full disclosure, but you should probably consult a doctor before starting this diet, but let me tell ya, it works!!! I left the Philippines borderline obese after staying with my grandma for a few days and getting fed beyond my wildest dreams. I would barely be done eating breakfast before lunch would be served, and by early afternoon, my friends and I would be in food comas. I weighed myself at some point in Vietnam and was the heaviest I had been for like the past six years, and I just have serious doubts that I managed to drop that weight in the Philippines.

After a fantastic and unexpected bout of food poisoning in Cambodia, I weighed myself again in Thailand to find that I had mysteriously dropped an unhealthy amount of weight in such a short time. What could have possibly caused this?

Was it the utterly shit food in Cambodia? Was it from going on a booze cruise and jumping into murky brown lake water undoubtedly filled with disease and pestilenceNo one knows, but for a week I was unable to stomach any food and had to *gasp* cut alcohol out of my life. I tried drinking three times during my week of food poisoning and THREW UP every single night and even peed the bed one night.

Hahaha too much information maybe but please don’t unfollow me. It happens to the best of us, right?!

In hindsight, I definitely had some sort of parasite, maybe a little tapeworm or something. I should have probably gone and seen a doctor, but unfortunately, our miserable healthcare system in the United States has indoctrinated into me the mindset that dying is a more favorable alternative to going to a doctor.

Cambodia has had a rough history, and unfortunately, that means that it has not been able to advance as far or as fast as its neighboring countries. There’s a saying among the backpackers that I’ve met that goes, “if you get sick anywhere in Cambodia, go to Bangkok immediately.” In my five days in Cambodia, I had some of my most trying times while traveling. Not since Bolivia had I had food poisoning that extreme.

Cambodia was beautiful, and seeing Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples was one of my favorite memories ever during my travels. However, I try to make it a point not to sugarcoat my travel experiences, because let’s face it, not everything is as peachy as it looks on Instagram. The Cambodian people are friendly and welcoming, for the most part (I had some unpleasant encounters with masseuses and taxi drivers), but Cambodia itself was far from my favorite country.

It’s a step down in almost every aspect from Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. That’s not to say it isn’t worth going to, but paying $32 for a visa to enter the country just to suffer for five days wasn’t my favorite decision. Obviously, not everyone is going to get food poisoning, but aside from Angkor Wat, there is nothing that you couldn’t find in a neighboring country.

It was an experience, to say the least.

P.S. You probably shouldn’t actually try the Cambodian river water diet. I would rather jump into this pit of alligators than jump into that murky brown water again.


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