Havana, Cuba Photo Gallery

From its tall and narrow alleyways to its colorful classic cars, exploring Havana is like having walked through another dimension and accidentally ending up in the past. The colorful pastels of the buildings all over Old Havana are vibrant and enchanting. The abundance of plazas and squares filled with unique architecture guarantee that you’ll never be short of places to relax and take in all of Havana’s sights and sounds.

There’s no place quite like Havana, and I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pictures from my time there!

A classic car making its way down Havana’s streets.
The colorful pastel arches of Havana.
Possibly the only place in the world where you can see so many classic cars in one place.
You get to ride them, too.
Pink would be my preferred car color.
Plaza Vieja, one of the more beautiful squares you’ll find in Havana.
Although its name means Old Plaza, Plaza Vieja is actually one of the cleaner, newer looking squares I saw.
Hotel Nacional is a historic place where many landmark events took place and many famous figures spent their nights.



We met famous Cuban performer Mayito Rivera at that hotel. We hadn’t heard of him but our taxi driver did and we got a picture with him anyway.
Exploring Old Havana’s alleyways.
The narrow alleyways guarantee that the cars, motorcycles, tricycles, horses, and pedestrians will always have a tight squeeze.
Calle Habana, the road where our casa particular was on.
More of Old Havana’s historic alleyways.
Cluttered, noisy, and a bit dilapidated, the alleys and streets of Old Havana have a lot of character.
For all the people that live in Havana, there are relatively few cars so the non-touristy streets are actually pretty bare most of the time.
The alleyway leading to Plaza Vieja, one of my favorites.
Plaza San Francisco is another of Havana’s many little squares. Even though it is only two minutes away from Plaza Vieja, it has a completely different style of architecture and character.
Yet another of Havana’s many squares where the architecture is much different than the ones just minutes away. You could be anywhere in the world in Havana.



Colon Cemetery was one of the more surprising places we went to, with its sheer size and extravagant graves making for a beautiful place.
The view of the main park from the top floor of the Fine Arts Museum. The Capitol’s dome was under construction during our time there.
No trip to Cuba is complete without a cigar. We didn’t make it to Vinales, so a Montecristo would have to do.
The edition of the newspaper Granma that came out after Fidel’s death. Just trying to be as Cuban as possible.
Dog tax. The Pekingese is one of Cuba’s most popular breeds of dogs, and thankfully our casa particular in Havana had one of these cute little guys.
Her name was Cookie.



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