Hostel Recommendation: Cancún

Mezcal is the easy winner when it comes to hostels in Cancún. No other place will give you such a balanced mix between social and luxury that Mezcal will.

It is centrally located in Cancún, so you are just minutes away from everything you’ll need, like restaurants, local bars and clubs, banks, laundry, OXXOs, and so on. It is also just a couple of minutes away from the bus stop that will take you to the resort and beach area for the whopping price of 10 pesos (about half of 1 US dollar). It’s about a 20-30 minute bus ride to the beaches and Zona Hotelera (where all the massive clubs are), and that might deter some people from staying at Mezcal.

Think about it this way, though. My friend and I won a “free dinner” at a restaurant in Zona Hotelera and we each bought one drink. For those two drinks, it cost us $35 USD. You know what that can buy in downtown Cancun? About 50 tacos. If you’re willing to a sacrifice a few minutes on a bus per day, then you can also avoid spending an obscene amount of money just to eat and drink.

Location aside, Mezcal is one of the most social hostels I’ve been to. Every night, there’s always something going on. After luring everyone out with the free dinner prepared by an actual chef, the night gets rolling. Sure, it starts slow around 9 PM when everyone feels a bit too awkward to be singing karaoke for a free shot, but by the time 11 PM rolls around, the idea of Coco Bongo’s is all anyone can think of. The workers at Mezcal are underrated hype men that can get any night rolling pretty quickly.

It is literally impossible not to make friends at Mezcal. I was actually dreading going to Cancun because of the different, more touristy crowd I was expecting, but I met so many great people at Mezcal. It is just where the party is at. Every night, without fail.

Worried about not sleeping at all? The rooms I stayed in at Mezcal were some of the nicest I’ve stayed in during my voyage through Central America. They even had air-conditioning, which I think made me cry tears of joy when I found out. Nice beds, proper showers, big lockers, it was great.

The nights I stayed at Mezcal were between $13-16 USD per night, which seems a bit steep in comparison to other Central American hostels I’ve stayed at, especially if you’re willing to give up a few of the amenities that Mezcal offers. I think that you definitely get your money’s worth and more at Mezcal. Free breakfast, and I’m not talking about that bread and jam bullsh*t that some hostels pass as “breakfast”. You get freshly made omelettes and crepes from the in-house chef. Free dinner, also made by the in-house chef, is also pretty damn good. The nights I stayed there, we had a variety of stuff, ranging from safe like green enchiladas to the more… interesting, like cow stomach soup (aka menudo).

The bar is great. The common areas are nice and chill. The pool is a bit on the smaller side, but it is an absolute necessity for those hot days in Cancún. So is the air conditioning.

While Mezcal may have the reputation (and the name) of a party hostel, it is also one of the more properly and professionally run hostels I’ve stayed at. I was really impressed by the management and the employees alike. I think there’s no question that Mezcal is the place to be in Cancún, and when you’re taking on Coco Bongo’s, you’re going to want to be with a squad from Mezcal.

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