25 Reasons Why Minneapolis is the Best City in The United States

I visited Minneapolis for the first time last October, and immediately fell in love with the city. From the abundance of parks and lakes, to the addicting pizza and of course, the insanely fun nightlife, Minneapolis had everything I could hope for in a city. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work here for the summer, and I’m officially convinced that I never want to leave. I came up with 25 reasons why Minneapolis is the best city in the United States, but these don’t even begin to cover it.


1. You can enjoy a perfect day by kayaking or paddleboating on Lake Calhoun

You almost forget you’re in a big city until you see the skyline on the horizon.

2. You can take a scenic bike ride through any of the parks or down the Mississippi

One of my favorite cities I’ve ever biked!

3. You can catch a show at one of the several theaters on Hennepin

4. You can enjoy the view of the city with a drink at the Prohibition on the 27th floor of the Foshay


5. You can catch a Twins game at Target Field with an incredible view of the skyline

$13 tickets. The beer was only $3 less than this incredible view.

6. You can go ice skating at any of the several lakes in the area

7. You can watch some incredible sunsets from Lake Harriet

One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen!

8. If shopping is your thing, it’s easy to spend hours shopping at Mall of America

9. You’re never too far from nature because the city has so many fantastic parks


10. If you want amazing pizza, you have practically endless options

Personally, I can’t stop going to Sal’s On 5th.

11. You can bike through one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world!

12. You can relax by the Minnehaha River or breathtaking Minnehaha Falls

minnehaha falls
Minnehaha Falls

13. You can chill by any of the many beaches around the lakes

14. It is so easy and fun to be active here. From biking to parasailing, you have a lot of options.


15. The summer weather is awesome, and when I say awesome, I mean literally perfect. 

A day spent at one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes

16. You can go wild at any of the insanely fun nightclubs.

17. Or you can opt for a chill night at an equally fun piano bar or sports bar.

lyons pub minneapolis
At the Lyon’s Pub in Downtown Minneapolis

18. You can catch a Minnesota Wild game where people go wild for their team


19. You can completely forget you’re in a bustling city once you go to one of the lakes or parks nearby

minnehaha river
Chillin’ by the Minnehaha River

20. You can eat some incredible food at any of these great restaurants

21. The music scene is poppin’, and you can find concerts from local talents to superstar goddesses like Beyonce

A Beyonce Tribute to Prince at her May 2016 Concert

22. The people here are extremely friendly and charming


23. You can hit up the awesome museums, like Weisman, or Mill City

Weisman Art Museum. Some call it ugly. I call it unique.

24. You can catch a Gopher football game, or other U of Minnesota athletics game and watch the fans go crazy

25. Because it always feels like home.

minneapolis bridge

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