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It didn’t take long for Stockholm to become one of my favorite cities. With no idea what to expect, I rented a bike and just started pedaling away. I had no idea where I was going, but everywhere I went was worth visiting. From historic architecture to incredible museums and some of the best parks I’ve ever been to, Stockholm had something for everyone.

It is such a spread out city that it is impossible to see even half of what the city offers in the three days that I had, but through bikes, boats, and buses, you can see enough to see why this is one of the best cities in the world.

(Also, check out the video I put together from my time in Stockholm!)

Stockholm is a city that thrives on water. Any direction you go, you’re practically guaranteed to run into their pristine water.
Stockholm’s Old Town, Gamla-Stan is located on an island in the center of the city.
Part of Stockholm’s Old Town
If you hate cobblestones, narrow streets, and tourists, you probably won’t want to spend all your time in Old Town, especially because there’s so much more to see.
So grab some gelato from one of the many amazing shops in Old Town and hop on a bike or a ferry or a bus to who knows where.
Just outside of Old Town, down the hill by the Royal Palace, you can chill by the water for a bit and take in the views of Stockholm. I’ll admit we spent entirely too much time on the steps of this statue, but can’t complain.
If you leave the island that Old Town is on, you’ll stumble upon some more gorgeous buildings.


Also, if you go during the summer months, the sun practically never sets. This was taken at 3 AM.
Another 3 AM sunrise shot.
And another one. I was in Stockholm during Midsommar, celebrated in Sweden during the summer solstice. I don’t think the sun went away the entire time we were there.
It is usually celebrated by going to the countryside, getting completely hammered, and then dancing around a Maypole. We didn’t get the memo, so we got to celebrate with children at Skansen Museum.
Speaking of museums, the museum game is strong here. You’ve got a lot of options, from the Abba Museum, to the Vasa Museum dedicated to a ship that sank as soon as it set sail.
The pride and joy of Sweden.
A lot of the museums are located on a single island, or in Museitpark. Did I mention how strong Stockholm’s public park game is? Definitely take a walk or leisurely bike ride through as many parks as you can.


Also, Stockholm is a crazy party city. To nurse your hangover, hop on a ferry and literally just stay on the boat for an hour until life is okay again.
You get to see the city from a different viewpoint. And boats are awesome.
The ferry took us way away from the city, but thankfully it came back because we would have been screwed.
Stockholm is definitely going down as one of my favorite cities ever. Save up because it’ll be pricy, but it will be worth it.

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