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IMG_3146The perfect place to spend all of your time is at the beach. Tel Aviv has a lot of great beaches that are some of the best in the world.


Tel Aviv does Mediterranean food just as well as any other country does. I had a kebab, couscous, a Mediterranean salad, and some vegetables that were delicious.

IMG_3211A park that had some cool trees and a lot of shade from the hundred degree weather.


Last night in Tel Aviv had a pretty sunset for us.


Goldstar is an Israeli beer. As usual, the beach is not a bad place to spend any of your time, including drinking.

I did not bring a swimsuit or anything because I did not realize how much time I would spend at the beach in Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv is one of my favorite cities I’ve ever biked in. You can rent a bike for 17 shekels a day. It’s worth it to see the entire city.
More time at the beach.
Still at the beach.
Still at the beach.


A cool shot of some flags flying in the wind by the beach.
The markets were my other favorite part of Tel Aviv. This was at Carmel Market.
The markets here are much different than any you’ll find in the U.S. or Europe. The stands with piles of spices were my favorite booths.

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