6 Reasons to Choose AirBnb over a Hotel (At Least Once)

Airbnb has revolutionized the world of traveling. Sorry hotels, hostels, and couchsurfing, but I think Airbnb has got all of you beat. While I’m sure every Airbnb user has their own reasons why they continue to pick Airbnb, I’ve picked my top six reasons why you should leave the comfort of a hotel room and foray into the fantastic world of Airbnbs.


1. You Get To Meet The Locals

Even if the only people you meet are your host and their family, you will still be able to learn so much about the city or country or culture just from talking to them. No website can you tell you the “top 10 things to do” in (insert city) the way a local can. We based our time in Oslo around the suggestions made by our host and he could not have done a better job. I’ve had the same experience with almost every Airbnb host I’ve actually spoken to.

2. It Doesn’t Shelter You From The Culture The Way A Hotel Room Does

Hotel rooms are kind of like a safe place. No one knows what country they’re in once they’re in a hotel room. With Airbnb, you can be immersed in the culture through the hosts, decorations, food, and the quirky little items you’ll sometimes find.

3. You Get To Live Like The Locals Do

While most hosts will let you do as you please within their house rules, you’ll have to make a few little adjustments in your life. You get to learn firsthand what some people in that country or city live like, and you can learn a lot from just a few little habits and rituals. Depending where in the world you are, it can be a little adaptation or an extreme change. Roll with it. Different places aren’t meant to be comfortable for you, they’re meant to be comfortable for the people that live there.


4. The Diversity and Variety in Options Is Almost Overwhelming

I’ve stayed on the 50th floor of a highrise in Chicago and I’ve stayed in a janky little sailboat in Oslo, Norway for about the same price. Literally anything is possible. The options are endless, and every single one is different. Each time you stay at an Airbnb is a completely different and personalized experience from your welcoming hosts. Step away from the robotic operations of hotels. You won’t regret it. Pictured below is the dock we stayed at. Shout out to Aurora the Sailboat, you did your job and we did not drown.

 5. If You’re On A Budget, This Is The Way To Go

If you’re like me and just need a bed to sleep in, or even a floor really, then you can literally find places for under $20. If a hostel is not private enough for you, or too sketchy, then why not stay with a nice couple at their little cottage? You’ll always have an option that will satisfy you and your budget.

 6. If You’re Not On A Budget, This Is The Way To Go

If you’ve got the money to blow and want to spend $1000 a night for a beachside luxury villa, then you have that option. I remember recently reading about Johnny Manziel and his squad renting out a super expensive place through Airbnb and demolishing it beyond recognition. That is a super douchey thing to do, don’t do that. But if you have the money, you can ball out harder than any presidential suite at a hotel. I am a very long way from that, but hey, maybe one day! 

Step out of your comfort zone and never stop adventuring!


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